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The fact that you are looking for the means that you are looking for something that will perform best in all the environments you might have to camp in. As such, it is recommended that you go for a product that is as adaptive as you are.

While it may be a little challenging to get the perfect match for your needs, you could still find a good camping lamp. So how do you choose between a gas, LED or candle lantern for your outdoor needs? This guide will help you decide.

#1. How much light do you need?
When most people are looking for the best camping lantern, they are usually looking for a bright light to reveal what is in the dark. It is very important to check if the lantern you are considering to buy has an adjustable light. Battery or LED lanterns are very flexible because you can easily adjust how much light you need.

Whether it is just for reading or looking for a way back to your friends after a stroll, a LED camping lantern works best. The ideal brightness for a camping lantern is 200 lumens.

#2. What is your budget?
Camping lanterns are not usually that expensive. People actually spend much on batteries and gas for the lanterns than they do an initial purchase. A battery powered LED lantern is a good choice when the batteries you use are long-lasting. While this may be the case to some people, others who can easily find gas for their lanterns will consider gas-powered models to be better.

#3. What type of climate will you use it in?
Whatever climate you’re going to use your lantern in, make sure you have a water-resistant model. Check for and IPX-4 rating on your lamp. This means that your lantern is splash resistant and you won’t have a problem using it in the rain. If you need one that will withstand being submerged in water, check for the IPX-8 rating.

#4. How safe is it?
You will be using your lantern outdoors where there are potential risks of fires and kids getting injured. Again, LED lanterns are very safe because they carry no risk of scalding when touched. Gas lanterns, on the other hand, can get hot on the surface and might not be the excellent choice for camping with kids around.

#5. Should I choose LED, gas or candle?
This is where you decide on your own. LED lanterns appear to be the best choice in all scenarios. They produce bright light, can easily be regulated by the touch of a button, and are known to be extra durable than gas or candle lanterns. LED lanterns also burn quietly unlike gas models. In addition, they come in different sizes that you can choose from.

This is important because as a camper you are constantly on the move and what you need is a lantern that will easily fit in your average sized backpack.
With so many LED camping lanterns on the market, it can be challenging choosing one that suits your needs. Hopefully, this article has given you some great tips that you can use during your next purchase.

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